Apr 12, 2014

I Did It! ... Again

And by "it" I mean I finally signed up for Weight Watchers. For the past month or so I've been telling people (like my parents and my husband) that I was going to sign up for Weight Watchers On-Line. I was going to go big and commit to the six month membership. I finally did it tonight. I went with the 3-month membership instead of 6, but still, I registered. I paid my money, and they calculated my points target for me.

If I'm being totally honest I thought I'd be more motivated right now.

I thought I'd be excited, and ready to start doing all those things that I know I should be doing.

I thought I'd be hunting for recipes and putting together a meal plan and grocery list for the upcoming week.

But I'm not. I'm sitting on the couch trying to decide whether or not I should get into J's "secret" candy stash. And I'm leaning more towards should.

I could just pose with my hands on my hips every time someone wants to
take my picture... It's kind of slimming I guess... (Oct. 2013)

Did I just waste $85? I've done Weight Watchers before. Once I was even successful and lost a little over 25lbs. And I know that it works when you stick with it. But I also know how easy it is to get J to stop for pizza or donairs on his way home from work. And how easy it is to go to Darrell's Restaurant for a peanut butter burger instead of eating the healthy salad I packed for lunch. (Side note: peanut butter burgers are amazing, I know it sounds crazy, but it's true.) And J says he's supportive - but he can still eat chips and candy and ice cream, so they'll still be in the house. I wouldn't want to deprive my husband afterall...

Are you on a weight loss journey? How do you stay motivated? Wish me luck!



  1. Good luck girl! You can do it! :)

    I don't know that I am good motivation, but I'm on a weight loss journey as well. Would be great to have people on this journey with me! <3

  3. I would think that seeing results (i.e. losing weight when you weigh yourself each week) would be motivating to stick with it. I guess the problem is that once you start losing weight you could also think, "Oh, this is going great so it won't matter if I have this burger instead of my salad today."

    I think it's key to make sure you build treats into our meal plan every day instead of trying to avoid them altogether. Denying yourself will just make it more likely that you'll all of a sudden want to eat an entire bag of cookies in one sitting vs. including a cookie or other treat each day.

    And if you're husband is really supportive, then he won't mind not having the treats in the house. Because if they're there, you will eat them. He can still go out on his own to get them for himself but he doesn't need to keep them in the house (or if he does they have to be really, really secret - not a secret that you know about)!

    Good luck! I know this is a key to being healthy, and healthy is key to being happy!