Jan 29, 2016

Book & a Cuppa

A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I had signed up to take part in the Book & a Cuppa swap over at Chaotic Goddess Swaps. I was pretty surprised when I got the email with my partner, I had actually been paired with another blogger from Nova Scotia. I didn't think I was the only blogger in NS by any means, but I figure there probably aren't too many of us. So to be matched up with one was pretty neat. My partner was Sarah and I definitely think you should check out her blog, especially if you're a book lover.

I was completely spoiled with my box!

My mug was this awesome Kate Spade travel mug which will be perfect for filling with hot chocolate to take to work for the rest of the winter. (It probably is going to get used tonight simply because it's so cute even though I have no plans to travel anywhere since we're in the midst of another snow storm.) Sarah also sent a couple boxes of delicious looking hot chocolate that I can't wait to get into.

I received book one and book two of Rick Yancey's The 5th Wave series. I am so excited to dive into these it's not even funny!

And then, on top of two hardcover books, the adorable travel mug and the hot chocolate, Sarah also included this book for my future kids. I couldn't have asked for a better partner for this swap.

Thank you Sarah!

Book & a Cuppa Swap at Chaotic Goddess Swaps