Apr 12, 2014

Canadian Content

{ Food Network Canada }
I used to say I hated reality TV, but I'm starting to realize that there's some reality TV that I love. I love cooking competitions. Master Chef and Hell's Kitchen are two of my favourite shows. But out of all of the cooking shows we watch, my absolute favourite is Top Chef Canada.

A lot of Canadian versions of shows just don't compare to their American counterparts (though I can't deny my love for Ryan Malcolm, winner of the very first Canadian Idol) but for the most part you'd never know Top Chef Canada was Canadian. At the same time, in some ways it's uniquely Canadian. It also doesn't have all the "drama" that Hell's Kitchen has and as much as I love Gordon sometimes he's just too much of a jerk. The judges on Top Chef Canada give honest feedback without being too harsh. (Or at least that's the way it seems.)  I'm not even sure how we stumbled across the show initially, but I'm glad we did!

I think all the cooking shows we've been watching are part of the reason I've become interested in expanding my horizons a bit in the kitchen. Never in a million years will I be as talented as the chefs that make it on to these TV shows (including the kids on Master Chef Junior) but I'm actually excited about trying new dishes and working with new ingredients.

Any seasoned cooks out there have any tips for how I should start my culinary make-over?


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