Apr 9, 2014

So What...?

Life After I Dew
So what if...
- I just posted an hour ago. I'm trying to figure out a blogging routine, and I can see doing this every Wednesday.
- It's lunch time on my day off and I haven't done a single productive thing. (And I have a to-do list a mile long!)
- I didn't go to my great aunt's funeral this week. Funeral's and I don't get along at all and I hadn't seen her in years. She hasn't even recognized my dad (her nephew) in at least five years.
- I had McDonald's for lunch twice in the past week. I'm joing Weight Watchers this weekend so I need to get it out of my system...
Is there anything you're saying "so what" to this week?


  1. I'm saying so what if I'm completely unable to be consistent with my blog at the moment, and so what if I want to eat a chocolate bar nearly every day!

    1. I have a chocolate bar addiction. I work in a grocery store and I have no will-power, I always manage to convince myself that I deserve a treat...