Jul 6, 2014

Accidentally on Purpose

I didn't plan on taking a week long blogging vacation. I actually had big plans on Wednesday to do up a whole bunch of posts in advance in case life got a little hectic. I grabbed Daisy and headed over to my parents' place around 11am so that we could spend the day lounging by the pool. I packed up my laptop and everything. But, for some reason I couldn't get my laptop to connect to the wi-fi so I ended up spending my day like this:

And it was fabulous.

Then after Wednesday work was crazy busy, and life was crazy busy, and I just didn't have a chance to sit down and do the blogging I had planned. I'm going to try and get a couple things written tonight, but until things get back to normal at work (we're short staffed currently) my blogging may be more sporadic than I would like.

Hope everyone had a great Canada Day and a great July 4th!

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  1. It happens what can ya do! :) That afternoon looks much better anyways!

  2. I had a similar situation happen to me in June. I ended up not blogging for a few weeks because life got crazy and I have found that it really refreshed me! Looks like a great afternoon!