Jul 8, 2014

Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo

A couple of weeks ago my boss mentioned that he had some tickets for the Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo to give away and asked if I was interested. J and I have been to the Tattoo a couple times and have always really enjoyed ourselves. I was able to get four tickets for the show on Saturday afternoon so J and I decided to take my parents.
We had a delicious lunch at new restaurant downtown (try the lobster mac and cheese if you're ever at The Foggy Goggle) and then headed to the Metro Centre for the show.
The Tattoo is... Well, hard to explain for starters! It features all kinds of military bands and different display teams. (According to Wikipedia it's inspired by "military tattoos" but I don't really know what they are so that's not particularly helpful.) It happens every summer in Halifax and features performers from around the world. The majority of the performances are military based (there's also a strong RCMP prescence) but some are civillian performers. There are dancers, acrobats, bands, historic re-enactments... All kinds of different performances.
If you're ever in Halifax during the first week of July it's definitely something I recommend checking out!
The opening.

A tribute to three RCMP officers recently killed in the line of duty. (I bawled.)
This little guys came from Denmark. They were fantastic!

This was the best performance of the night. So much precision!

These two pictures are from a tribute to soldiers killed in Afghanistan. (I cried again...)

I love highland dancing. I hope some day I have a daughter who's interested in trying.
The muscles on this boys... Whoa.

Everybody marches back in for the finale. It's awesome to watch.

Sorry for all the pictures, I just couldn't narrow it down anymore!

Have a fantastic Tuesday. :-)

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  1. Wow. Awesome. And you snapped some AMAZING pictures! I'm glad you posted them all! :)