Jun 30, 2014

June Goals; Recap

I think I actually did a little better with my goals this month!

1. Take my lunch to work at least twice a week. DONE! I actually managed to do two days a week of bagged lunches. Well, I didn't the week we were on vacation but we had three picnic lunches while we were off, so I'm going to count that too.

2. Try out at least two new recipes. NOT DONE. This wasn't a good month for cooking. I'm just going to leave it at that and try again in July.

3. Bake something. DONE! I baked two cakes this month. I baked a lemon cake with blueberry frosting and blueberry filling and I baked a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. Neither of them were from scratch, but it's a start.

4. Get some new pictures of J and I that aren't selfies. DONE! Done, but not as many pictures as I had hoped for. I took lots of pictures of other people, but didn't get them to take a lot of shots of us.  

5. Go on two dates with J.  DONE! I couldn't decide if this was done or not done to be honest. We went to two movies while we were on vacation, we also spent a couple days together just the two of us. Neither of those were exactly what I had in mind, but my goal was really to spend one-on-one quality time with J so I'm going to go ahead and say this one was done too.

6. Try out a new (non-chain!) restaurant. DONE! (Technically.) J and I tried out a new pub when we spent the day in Lunenburg when we were on vacation. It's not exactly what I meant when I made it one of my goals though, I wanted to try some where downtown. Halifax is becoming a bit of a foodie town, and there are tons of neat restaurants.

7. Take Daisy to the park at least four times. NOT DONE. We only took Daisy to the park twice this month, both times while we were on vacation. Hopefully the weather will be better in July, and hopefully work will slow down for both of us.

8. Watch at least one movie in the theatre and one at home. DONE. We actually saw two movies in the theatre. We saw Chef and X-Men and I really enjoyed both of them. They were both very good, but in very different ways. And we watched 21 Jump Street on Netflix. I didn't know if I would enjoy it or not, but I definitely laughed out loud a couple times. I think we might try to see 22 Jump Street before it's out of the theatre.

9. Save some money! NOT DONE. So very not done. Even staying home we spent a lot while we were on vacation. We didn't break the bank, but we definitely didn't set anything aside either.

10. Blog at least four times a week. NOT DONE. But super close. One week I only blogged three times, but every other week I blogged more than four. I didn't get any new bloglovin' followers either, and that was sort of a side goal. I know it's not all about followers but it would still be nice to see that number increase.

I'm still working on fine-tuning my goals for July, they'll probably be up on Wednesday.

Have a great week!
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  1. You have had a fabulous month! Even though you didn't meet all of your goals, the ones you did I think are great. (I mean, dates and then pictures with your man?! Does it get any better?!) (Oh it DOES. Lemon cake. BAM.) And I am really looking forward to seeing 22 Jump Street ... the first one, I thought, was hilarious!