May 8, 2014

Setting Goals

I've been to a few blogs recently where they've picked and posted their goals for the month. I think that it's a great idea, and it's one that I've decided to copy. (The Life of Bon was definitely one of them, but I know I saw it somewhere else too.) I know we're already a week into May, but I think it's still reasonable to set some goals for the rest of the month.

Goals for May

1. Take my lunch to work more.  I very rarely take my lunch. I work in a grocery store plus there are several restaurants within walking distance. But eating out gets expensive, and it's harder to control what you're eating when you don't make it yourself. I'd like to take my lunch a minimum of 3 times a week this month.

2. Exercise more. I've been doing better with what I'm eating. More fruits & veg and less fast food, now I just need to start moving more. My goal is a minimum of 2 half hour sessions on the treadmill weekly. (I know that doesn't seem like much, but I'm hoping to increase it gradually.)

3. Read one non-fiction book. I read the same type of book over and over. And that's not necessarily a bad thing, but I don't want to get caught in a rut. Plus, I'm doing a summer book challenge and one of the categories is biography, autobiography or memoir. This way I can get that one crossed off.

I think three is a good number to start with. :-)

Do you set monthly goals? Do you find you stick to them?

Have a great day!

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