May 5, 2014

How was YOUR weekend?

Happy Monday! Today actually wasn't too bad as far as Mondays go. Probably because I don't actually work Monday to Friday so weekends aren't quite as big a deal in my life. Work went super fast, and J is making supper. Win.

My weekend was pretty fantastic too.

Saturday was one of those days I really loved my job. I think I've mentioned that I'm really not supposed to blog about work. (Social media policies and all that.) But, this is good stuff, so I'm going to share anyways. This weekend my store donated barbeque supplies for a charity barbeque and myself, the store manager, and our community room co-ordinator did the barbequing and serving. The weather was gorgeous (I got a little burn on my arms!) and the people were all fantastic. So much fun!

And then of course there was the concert Sunday night. Our seats were great and those five guys put on an amazing show. More about that tomorrow. :-)

Hope you had a great weekend, and that your week got off to a great start!


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