May 16, 2014

Partner in Crime

In my company every store has a department manager and an assistant department manager for each of the departments. When I was an assistant I was incredibly fortunate to have a fantastic boss. She treated me like an equal and I always felt like we truly ran our department together. Not only that, but she taught me tons about the day-to-day running of the department as well as the "big picture" stuff. Plus, she was my best friend. We spent close to 40 hours a week together. When I got my promotion and got transferred my feelings were very mixed. I was excited, I felt like I had been waiting forever. But I knew I would miss her. We just had such a great relationship.

I wanted that kind of relationship with my own assistant. I wanted us to run the department together. I wanted her to learn from me, but I wanted to learn from her too. I wanted us to go out for lunch and get together outside of work. I wanted a partner I could trust, someone I could rely on.

I lucked out.

My second is fantastic.
Perfect? No.
Was I? Definitely not!
(Am I now? Still no.)

I am so fortunate to work with someone who is so passionate and cares so much. Melissa has been dealing with some health issues but that hasn't let that stop her. I know that I don't have to worry on my day off, that she's got everything under control. I also know that if something crazy happens she's going to call me or text me to let me know. I love the partnership we have and I am thankful for it every day.

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  1. I'm glad you ended up with someone that you get along well with!

    In my company we have something relatively similar, I guess. I am an assistant manager, and under me I have what we call a Zone Supervisor, or Zone Merchandise Supervisor. I was so worried that I was going to get one that would make my life miserable...but mine is terrific. Her areas of knowledge are the ones I struggle with, and vice versa. Our personalities complement one another - she's tougher than me, I'm more easy-going. We tell each other everything. It's pretty great. It definitely makes my days a little easier!