Apr 14, 2014

Need Something to Read?

I love to read. I've always been a reader. I remember devouring Baby Sitter's Club books, and mom's old Nancy Drew books when I was in elementary school. I would read pretty much anything I could get my hands on.

I tend to read a lot of the same genre of books. I read a lot of young adult, dystopian, fiction. The last series I finished was the "Shatter Me" trilogy by Tahereh Mafi. Before that I read the first three books in Marissa Meyer's "Lunar Chronicles." (I enjoyed all of them by the way.) Every so often I like to read something a little differrent though. (Something written for people my own age...)

One of my favourite non-YA authors is Janet Evanovich. I love the Stephanie Plum series. Stephanie is a rather inept bounty hunter who has too many men in her life and is incredibly unlucky when it comes to cars. There are 20 books out so far, and the next one comes out in June. In some ways the books are all very similar, but it works, I don't ever feel "bored" when I'm reading them. I can't count how many times I've been laying in bed reading and started laughing. Evanovich has a new series out that I'm really enjoying as well. Co-authored with Lee Goldberg the Fox & O'Hare series is about an FBI agent who's being forced to work with a con-man she spent years hunting. These are great books for when you need a break for heavier material, whether it's text books or "deeper" novels.

Any books you think I should check out?



  1. I LOVE the Stephanie Plum books! Did you see the One for the Money movie? It was such a disappointment I thought.

  2. I think you'd enjoy books by YA author John Green. The Fault in Our Stars will make you cry. And I recommend his Christmas trilogy (Let It Snow) with Lauren Myracle.