Apr 17, 2014

Imagine Whirled Peas

The first mark I made on the internet was geocities site I built back in grade ten as part of a project for my technology class. Gradually the site morphed into a Backstreet Boys fansite (I was so cool in high school!) and then morphed again into a personal site that included a blog. I was decent enough at HTML and created some layouts that I thought were pretty snazzy.

Eventually I decided that I would like to purchase my own domain. A friend and I decided to go splits on a domain that would house both of our personal sites. I'm not entirely sure where the name came from, but we decided on whirled-peas.org. (I told you I was cool in high school...) She didn't end up keeping her site for very long, but I did. I met some awesome people - I even hosted Melanie's site for a bit. Most of the people I met back then are no longer blogging. Or if they are, I can't find them. I'm really excited that another one of my old blogger friends is looking at making a come-back. (Yup, that's you Sid!)

It's a sign! This is my Jones Soda cap from last
Wednesday,  the same day I started this blog!
I had whirled-peas.org for years, I used it as a personal site/blog for a while that I got another domain name for that and used whirled-peas for fanlistings. (Does anyone else remember fanlistings? I was super into them for a while!) I also had a fansite for Ryan Malcolm... (I really was cool, I swear.) As I finished school and got married blogging sort of faded away. I've brought my blog back a couple times over the past few years. (Melanie was kind enough to host me during one of those revivals) but I never stuck with it.

I feel like blogging has changed a bit since I first got involved. Now there are link-ups and give-aways and "blates" and conferences and people with thousands of followers. Everyone seems to have a theme or a niche. I haven't totally decided where I belong yet, but I'm working on it. And I'm not going to give up this time. Once upon a time blogging gave me a lot of joy, and it's really nice to do something for myself. I'm not looking for thousands (or even hundreds) of followers, and I'm not looking to make money. I want to meet people, I want to learn things, and I want to have fun.

I'm glad you stumbled across my new blog. Feel free to come back. :-)



  1. Hi Sara! I was so glad to find you are still blogging! I just found this site through Melanie's site (that I haven't visited much lately either).
    Fanlistings still seems to be big among young people, at least I see it quite often. Personally I've never understood the meaning with them.
    I've been bouncing a lot forward and back with my blog and whether or not to keep it and why or how, and I've tried niched blogging but I simply don't like it. I want to be able to write about anything on my blog, and I prefer to read that kind of blog too. I don't like today's blogosphere where everything is commercial and most blogs look the same, I like journal types of blogs that people write because they enjoy doing it. However my bouncing ended me up writing a blog about everything but with music and photos being the most common topics.

    I like your peas domain, very odd though. :) Why did you give it up, or are you still using it for something else?

  2. Hmm, sorry for the typo. This comment should have the correct url.

  3. I am so glad that we are both back! hehe! My first site that was worth anything was part of whirled peas, and I loved it! Me, you, Melanie and... Crystal? I think that's who the fourth one was for so long. So fun. So glad you gave me a shot way back then! <3

    I don't have a niche either, and feel sort of weird about it. But blogging was always for fun and whatever we felt we needed to say. So, I guess that's sort of where we are, all over again, a decade or so later!

  4. Aww whirled-peas! Yay!

    I don't think my blog has a "theme" either, more like a bunch of themes...even though I really only end up blogging about my life instead of the themes haha. Oh well!