Feb 5, 2015

Going Viral

I don't talk about work on my blog a lot for several different reasons, but I'm throwing caution to the wind tonight. Mostly because I'm really freaking proud, but partly because what I'm going to talk about has been all over the internet and the local news for the past five days.

Last Friday a woman driving by the store I work at snapped a picture of one of my employees walking home an elderly blind woman. She uploaded the picture to Facebook and tagged my boss (whom she used to work for) in it, asking him to thank this young man for being such a great employee.

Since Friday the picture has now received over 15830 likes, 191 comments, and has been shared 5875 times.

This young man (Austin) and the customer in the picture were interviewed by all three of our local TV channels. (CBC, Global, and CTV.) Then, the icing on the cake was Sunday when two of my staff simultaneously texted me to let me know that the story had hit Cosmo Online. Later on Sunday it even hit Fox News too.

Walking this customer (her name is Mary and she is an absolutely sweet heart) home is something my staff does on a regular basis. On multiple occassions my faith in humanity has been restored by the amazingly sweet things my staff will do for our customers. Sometimes young people all get lumped together in an unflattering way, but the team of young men and young women who work for me and in other departments of our store blow me away on a regular basis. I am so glad that they're getting this recognition, and I couldn't be prouder!

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PS: While I do work for Sobeys, all opinions are my own. (But I'm pretty sure everyone is pretty darn proud!)

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  1. So cool!! :) Yes, I love hearing about stories like this too... I'd much rather be reminded of all of the good than all of the not-so-good happening in this world.