Jan 7, 2015

More (My 2015 Resolutions)

This year I am going to keep all of my New Year's resolutions.

Okay, so maybe that's a tad bit unrealistic.

But I am going to share them here. And I am going to post updates periodically. And I am going to do my best to do as many of them as possible.

And, because I couldn't figure out how to organize them, here they are in alphabetical order.

Blog more.
Considering I haven't blogged in five months, I figure this one should be easy. We'll see though! I just need to remember that this is my space, and my blog isn't going to be the same as anyone else's.

Cook more.
We eat out way too often. And we eat way too many frozen pizzas and other prepared, packaged foods. This year I want to cook whole-some, healthy meals. (And some not so healthy meals too.) Instead of just spending all my time pinning delicious looking recipes on Pinterest I want to actually take them time to make some of those delicious looking recipes.

Do more.
I love reading, and I love snuggling with J and Daisy on the couch watching TV, but I don't want that to be all we do. I want to try new things and go new places. I want to learn to crochet and I want to go see concerts and I want to go for walks at the park.

Move more.
I need to get off my butt. I want to not be winded walking up a flight of stairs. I want to take Daisy for a run, not have to hold her back when she wants to go faster. I want to feel better in my clothes and in my skin.

Pray more.
I'm really great and praying to ask God for things, but I forget to say thank you and to praise Him even when things aren't going exactly the way I want them too. I need to start spending more time in the Word too.

Wife more.
Okay, so that's not really a thing. But I want to be a better wife to my husband. I want to do more things with him and for him. I want our time together to be quality time, and I want to do the things that he likes to do. I want to put down my phone and talk to him more often. And it's sad that I have to make that a resolution. But I do, and it's one of the most important resolutions on this list.

Happy New Year!

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  1. Good luck on all of your goals! I need the "do more" as well. It's such a habit to go home and get comfy, especially when it's as cold as it is right now. Let's do more! :)