Jun 18, 2014

Wednesday Wishes

The first couple days of our vacation have been wonderful.

On Monday we spent the day in Lunenburg. We went whale watching, saw the Bluenose II, visiting a micro-distillery, and had a delicious supper.

The Bluenose II
On the wharf before our whale watching tour.

Yesterday we spent the day at one of our favourite places, Taylor Head Provincial Park. It was a beautiful, sunny day and even though there were some annoying bugs during the wooded part of our hike we had a great day.

Daisy & I enjoying the Atlantic
I love this shot of J and Daisy on the beach.

Last night we took the ferry from Dartmouth the Halifax with J's sister and her boyfriend and then strolled along the Halifax waterfront. We don't spend nearly enough time exploring our own city.

We stopped on the boardwalk at Sugah for icecream. It was delicious!

I can't believe it's Wednesday though! The time is going by way too fast.
I wish vacation didn't have to end, and I wish Rachel and Jesse were going to be here for a longer visit. (Or that they'd move up here!) Oh, and I wish I had remembered to wear sunscreen yesterday. I'm looking pretty red today.

What are you wishing for today?

Love the Here and Now

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I think it's true of so many of us...we forget to be tourists in our own cities. It's nice to see the usual things through new eyes and appreciate all of the beauty around us! Thanks for linking up!

  2. So fun!! This makes me want to have a staycation here! I love that picture of you and Daisy in the water! :)

  3. You live in such a beautiful place! Sounds like you're having a blast!

  4. Great pictures! Isn't nice to find such great places to visit in your own area? We really live in a great area of the country :)