Jun 16, 2014

Grateful Heart Monday

Ember Grey.

Today what I am most grateful for is vacation. I know that it sounds kind of silly, but I love being able to take a week off and recharge my batteries. J and I can't really afford to travel, so we've decided to spend some time exploring Nova Scotia.

J and I out whale watching in Lunenburg earlier today.
I'm also grateful for living so close to the ocean - there is nothing like the small of the salt in the air! And I'm so grateful that J and I were both able to find good jobs here in Nova Scotia so that we don't have to move out west like so many others. J would definitely make more money in another province, but with both of our families here it's just not worth it to us. We'd rather pick away at our debt slowly and be able to spend time with the people we love. There's nothing wrong with packing up and moving away, it just wasn't the right choice for us.

What are you grateful for today?

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  1. Oh there is NOTHING silly about being grateful for vacation. Staycation or not, that is some serious business to be grateful for! So glad you two got to spend some time together!

  2. I'd be thrilled even for a staycation at this point! I'm taking vacation next month, and have no set plans just yet, but the idea of a week off of work sounds amazing at this point!

    Whale watching sounds awesome. Did you see any? That sounds awesome!

  3. I love staycations! Especially since my husbands vacation pay is less than half of what he makes- we can't spend a bunch of money on vacations when he actually loses money being off work! I'm so jealous you live near the ocean. I live near the mountains which is very beautiful but I'd love to be close to a beach!