Jun 5, 2014

#TBTStories; Engagement Photos

I think Throw Back Thursday Stories is my favourite link-up. This is the third week in a row that I've linked up with Jessica @ The Mom Creative and I'm already thinking about what picture(s) to use next!


Today I'm sharing a couple of my engagement pictures. I tried to narrow it down to one, but I couldn't...

 J proposed to me on January 13th, 2008. It was a Sunday evening after church. We had decided we were going to go out for dinner that night and he was driving. The route he was taking to the restaurant seemed a little weird, but I have a horrible sense of direction so I just figured he knew where he was going. Once we hit a particular spot I realized that our destination was not the restaurant we had chosen for dinner. As we turned down the road to Sandford Fleming Park J looked over at me and asked what I was thinking. I'm pretty sure I squeaked out, "nothing" before turn to stare out the window.

We pulled into the park and carefully made our way over to the gazebo. It was freezing cold and the ground was covered in ice, and I (of course!) was wearing heels. We slipped and slid our way to the gazebo and I turned to stare at the tower in the distance. I remember saying something like, "It's beautiful tonight," and then J asked me to turn around. I joke that my husband is a man of few words, people always find him very quiet and reserved, and that night was no exception.

I turned back around to see him standing there with the ring box open in front of me, and all he said was, "Will you marry me?" My response was an immediate yes, and throwing my arms around him.

Even though he hadn't planned a long, eloquent, romantic speech I still think the proposal was perfect. It's just who J is. And I talk enough for both of us! ;-)

Our engagement photos were taken several months later (a year after the day I thought I was getting proposed to) by my friend and co-worked, Kate. It was sort of a dreary, grey day but that seems to work well when you're doing outdoor shoots. We had a photos done at the same park where J proposed. (It had also been the site of one of our first dates.)

There have been a lot of proposals happening in our lives lately. One of my best friends just got engaged, my brother-in-law proposed to his girlfriend a couple months ago and just a couple weeks ago my brother proposed as well. It made me think a lot about the night J proposed to me. And while the speeches my brother made and my friends boyfriend made were romantic, I still love my proposal story best.

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  1. Aww. So cute. I think sometimes short and sweet is the way to go.

    That said, one day, if I ever get engaged, it better be like flashmob in Disney World style. lol

  2. :) So, so sweet. I joke with Christian that I know he said a bunch of things when he proposed but I honestly don't remember any of them except for "Will you marry me?" and "I love you" ... and it was perfect! I'm glad you posted all of the engagement pictures!!

  3. Aww the story is so cute! One of my friends got engaged a month ago and I was really excited. I hope to feel the same way when it happens to me! :)