May 2, 2014

Outfit of the Day. Err, week?

This my friends, is why I am not a fashion blogger. And why you will not see "outfit of the day" posts here. This is me, five days a week. As far as uniforms go, it's not too bad. (Although black pants + a cat and a dog are a bit of a nightmare.) And sometimes, I actually like wearing a uniform.

There are lots of pros to wearing a uniform: when I get up in the morning I already know what I'm going to wear, I spend less money on clothing (J would say that's debatable!) and I don't ruin any of my own clothes at work. My company provides everything except my shoes, which is pretty great.

Truthfully, the uniform isn't the only reason I'm not a fashion blogger. I'm not fashion savy - at all. And as much as I love to shop, I have a hard time finding things I like in my size and in my price range. I have a bad habit of buying things and wearing them once or twice, either because the quality isn't there or because I changed my mind about actually liking the way I look in it. I'm trying to work on this, I'm trying to only buy things I really love and know that I'll wear. And I'm going to try and build up some "staple" items. Maybe some day you'll even see some real "OOTD" posts here. :-)

Happy Friday!


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  1. We are going to get you to OOTD fashion! I know we are far from it but have you tried Forever 21 yet? Pretty good prices and decent sized section for plus size.