Apr 30, 2014

Weight Loss Wednesday

The rented bridesmaid dress - Aug. 2005
A couple weeks ago I signed up for Weight Watchers on-line. This isn't my first time trying WW, I've done it four or five times over the past nine years. The only time I was really successful was the first time, and I think at that point it was about the motivation. I was standing in my best friend's wedding and we were renting our bridesmaids dresses. I had to fit into that dress, there was no two ways about it. (Plus I was single, working part-time and going to school, and living at home. I think that all played a part.)

I haven't been doing too badly on my journey so far. I lost 2.6lbs my first week, and another 1lb the second week. I've already noticed a huge difference in my energy level. I've cut out pop almost entirely. (I've decided to let myself have one small bottle on the weekend for now because I'm worried I'll cave in through the week if I don't.) I'm packing my lunches, and I made a healthy meal plan for our suppers. I'm drinking tons of water and eating a lot more fruit and vegetables.

I know eating better is only the first step, and that I need to start moving more. I'm struggling with it though. I keep telling myself I don't have time, or if the weather was nicer I could walk Daisy but the truth is I do have time (I could be on the treadmill right now!) and Daisy has no problem walking in this weather.

I'm not sure what will work. I'm not sure if it's settting goals, or finding the right motivation, but I know I need to figure it out! If you're on your own weight loss journey, what motivates you? How do you keep going?

Have a great day!


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