Jan 7, 2016

Monthly Goals

I love the idea of setting goals each month, but I've never been super great at actually achieving them. I'm going to try and take it a little easy on myself this year, and only set three goals each month. One will be a blog goal and two will be goals that relate to one of my 2016 resolutions. I'm cautiously optimistic that tying my monthly goals to my resolutions will make me more inclined to work on them. And hopefully by the end of this year I won't be writing a post and how (once again) I sucked at keeping my new year's resolutions. 

January Goals

1. Try out at least three new recipes. 
(One using the veggie spiralizer I got for Christmas.)

2. Completely organize and de-clutter at least one 
of the following rooms: office, laundry room, 
rec room, master bedroom, spare bedroom. 

3. Blog at least 10 times. 

Pretty straightforward and hopefully pretty achievable. I'd like to get more than one room cleaned and organized but at the same time I want to be thorough so I think I'll aim for one a month to start, I'd also like to blog at least three times a week, but I also don't want to be posting just to post. Plus, I think I'll be more motivated next month if I achieve all my goals this month. I'll try to gradually make them a little more work, but this is as tough as it's going to get for now.

Wish me luck!


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  1. I still haven't made a legit recipe with the spiralizer so that's an awesome goal!! Those definitely seem achievable.