Jun 25, 2014

NHL Awards - My Thoughts

If you had told me a year ago that I would be writing a post about the NHL Awards I would have thought you were crazy. And not just because I didn't have this blog a year ago. This past season I found myself getting more into hockey than I ever have. I don't know if it's because I'm older, or because J followed things a little more closely since his Avs were having an awesome season but whatever the case we watched a good chunk of the show last night.

Just a couple (pretty random and not necessarily hockey-related) thoughts on the show:

- I was really excited that Nathan MacKinnon won the Calder Memorial Trophy. He had a fantastic rookie year, plus he's a local kid. I definitely cheered when his name was called.

Nathan MacKinnon (Colorado)
{ Zimbio/Ethan Miller/Getty Images North America }

- I thought David Boreanaz did a really good job presenting. I follow him on Twitter and he's definitely a real hockey fan.

David Boreanaz with Jaime Bergman
{ Zimbio/Bruce Bennett/Getty Images North America }

- He may not have won the Vezina Trophy (and I do think Tukka Rask deserved it) but Semyon Varlamov was definitely the best-dressed nominee, and one of the best dressed players there.

Semyon Varlamov (Colarado)
 { Zimbio/Bruce Bennett/Getty Images North America }

- I loved seeing the clips about the nominees for the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy, King Clancy Memorial Trophy, and the Mark Messier Leadership Award. It's wonderful to see these guys giving back.

Did anyone else watch? How did your favourites do?

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  1. I watched some of it....I was happy Nate won, I also wanted Rask to win! I also wanted Martin St Louis to win. I have found I don't like the awards as much since they moved them to Vegas. I liked it better when there was fans there but what can ya do!? I like seeing hot hockey boys all dressed up :)

  2. You know I watched it, hahaha! I was so happy for Mack and Ryan O'Reilly but I knew they were a lock. In my heart I knew Roy was a lock too but I was nervous and SCREAMED when they announced his name! I was sooo happy!

    I was sad about Varly though. The Avs almost had a clean sweep of their nominations! Rask is obviously an incredible goaltender, arguably the best in the league, but he also plays behind arguably the best defense in the league while Varly plays in front of a mediocre/ pretty bad one. I think Varly deserved it for that reason. And also because he was dressed so sharply! I was glad he got to be on stage for the Adams nomination though.

    Did you catch the Lucic handshake line joke at the end? I was dying laughing!