May 29, 2014

#TBTStories; The Day I Almost Got Engaged

It's time for Throw Back Thursday Stories with Jessica @ The Mom Creative again. My fifth wedding anniversary is fast approaching so for the next couple of months I'll probably be sharing wedding-related pictures and stories. 

It was October 2007 - Thanksgiving weekend - and J and I were out having an adventure before turkey dinner with my family. It was a bit chilly, but the sun was shining, so we decided it would be a good day to visit Peggy's Cove. We had a great afternoon together, climbing the rocks and posing for pictures. We had recently gone shopping and looked at engagement rings, I had pointed out several that I liked. We knew we were going to get engaged, it was just a matter of him asking.

During our afternoon at Peggy's Cove we had a number of discussions about our future and about how we pictured out wedding. There were several times I thought for sure J was about to pop the question.

But he didn't. In the end I waited 3 more months before he asked me to marry him. I still tease him about that day in October and how I was so disappointed that he didn't propose that day.

Were you expecting it when your significant other popped the question, or was it a total surprise?

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  1. I can't believe that five years is coming up! That's crazy! I remember when you two started dating!

  2. We mutually decided to get married and I picked out a ring, ordered it in to our local Tiffanys, and then we picked it up together when it came in. My husband felt so bad there was no special surprise but I didn't care. He got down on one knee when we got home and that was all I could ask for. ;)

  3. :) Love the title of this post! One of my best friends told me at work one day, "Christian is going to propose tonight." .... this girl is ALWAYS right and so for the date night later that night I was constantly thinking, "Now?! Is he going to do it now?!" He was wearing a shirt with a pocket in it- something he'd never done before and I swore to myself the ring was in the pocket. Finally, like an hour later- still at dinner, I told myself to just knock it off and enjoy the date. He ended up proposing 2 hours later - at his house - so I ended up being surprised anyway. (And the ring was never in that pocket!)