May 19, 2014

'H2O' On The Go

Trying to take a selfie with Daisy in the car. :-)
Daisy was three when we adopted her from the SPCA. Prior to coming to live with us she had been used for breeding. The couple who owned her were retiring so they surrendered her to the SPCA. It was obvious that she hadn't really been a "pet." She didn't know how to play, she wasn't completely house-broken (which is why we're in the process if replacing our flooring...) and she had major separation anxiety. She was also scared to death of water - pools, lakes, streams, everything.

Gradually she got more comfortable with us, and she even plays with her toys now. She doesn't fetch, but she loves chasing you and playing tug-of-war with one of her stuffies.

One of the best "investments" we made when it comes to pet supplies was buy a Gulpy. We bought ours at a local pet store for around $10 and it is so handy. It's basically a waterbottle for your dog, and it has a built-in bowl. You squeeze the water out into the resevoir for them to drink. J clips it onto his built when we go hiking and it's always available for Daisy if she needs it. It's such a simple thing, but it really makes life a lot easier.

Do you have any pet supplies that you can't live without?

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PS: This post wasn't sponsored or anything. We just really like our Gulpy and I wanted to share one of my favourite products. :-)

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  1. I am so glad that Daisy found you all/that you found her. Lucky dog!

    I used to have a similar thing for water for when I'd take the dogs out. It was perfect. :) May invest in one this summer as I intend to take some good walks with the dog to get all three of us more fit. ;)

    My dogs are in love with stuffed animals. Especially anything that has like that imitation lamb fur stuff on it. They love that stuff. Champ is obsessed with removing the squeakers from toys - goofy dog.